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Reye's Syndrome
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Dick Van Dyke; NRSF Spokesperson
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Here In our Article Library, You can Download in .PDF format the following Information: Get Adobe Reader here...

Research Handouts Resources

Encephalopathy and Fatty Degeneration of the Viscera

Reye's Syndrome Surveillance

Reye's Syndrome and Aspirin

Reye's Syndrome and Salicylate Use

Reye's Syndrome and Medication Use

Reye's Syndrome in Infancy

Reye's Syndrome in Non-Pediatric Age Groups

Reye's Syndrome in the Adult Patient

Reye's Syndrome; Lessons for Family Physicians

Reye's Syndrome Update

Tale of Triumph on Every Aspirin Bottle

Adenoviruses are linked to Reye's Syndrome Onset

Aspirin & Breast Feeding

CT Findings in Adult Reye's Syndrome

Effect of Influenza Virus Strains on Lipid Metabolism of
Infected HEK Cells

Effect of Salicylic Acid on Mitochondrial Peroxisomal Fatty Acid Catabolism

FDA: Bulletin - Information of Importance to Physicians and other Health Professionals

Grade 1 Reye's Syndrome

How Common is Reye's Syndrome

Intellectual and Emotional Sequelae of Reye's Syndrome

Is a Compromised Interferon Response an Etiologic Factor in Reye's Syndrome

Language, Learning & Behavior after Reye's Syndrome

Long Term Consequences of Reye's Syndrome

Medium Chain Acyl CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

Memory Functions in Children Recovered from Reye's Syndrome

Molecular Integrity of Aspirin in Relation to Reye's Syndrome

Neuropsychologic Consequences of Reye's Syndrome Case Study

North Carolina Journal; Reye's Syndrome Case Study

Pediatric Basics; Early Reye's Syndrome Diagnosis

Post Reye's Syndrome Study Report

Public Health Service Study of Reye's Syndrome and Medications

Public Health Service Study of Reye's Syndrome; Pilot Phase

Recognizing a Case of Reye's Syndrome

Research News; Reye's Syndrome a Medical Mystery

Research Resources Reporter; Consequences of Reye's Syndrome

The New England Journal of Medicine; Aspirin Component

FDA: Thorazine & Reye's Syndrome

FDA: Compazine & Reye's Syndrome

NRSF Video Library
Videos from world renouwn RS Specialists

Our 35 Year Memorial Book contains the historical time line for RS and the NRSF, including research, awareness, and the entire movement to save lives.

What is Reye's Syndrome, An Awareness Fact Sheet. (English)

What is Reye's Syndrome, An Awareness Fact Sheet. (Spanish)

Prescription Medications that contain Aspirin. (English)

Prescription Medications that contain Aspirin. (Spanish)

Teen Scene; Using Over The Counter Medicines Wisely

Over the Counter Medicines that can potentially contribute to Reye's Syndrome problems. (English)

Over the Counter Medicines that can potentially contribute to Reye's Syndrome problems. (Spanish)

Topical Products that can potentially contribute to Reye's Syndrome problems. (English)

Topical Products that can potentially contribute to Reye's Syndrome problems. (Spanish)

Ingredients to Avoid during Viral Infections List (English)

Emergency Room Treatment Information

"Because You Need to Know" 3 to a page Quick Flyer (English)

Reye's Syndrome Bulletin

Aspirin & Breast Feeding

Chicken Pox Parties

Willow Bark and Other Herbs

How To Give Medicine to Children

***** NOTE: Please read the labels on all products; manufacturers often change their ingredients! ******

List of Sunscreen Products -- No Salicylates

List of Acne Products -- No Salicylates

List of Bath Products -- No Salicylates

List of Deodorants -- No Salicylates

List of Dental Products -- No Salicylates

List of Men's Products -- No Salicylates

List of Hair Products -- No Salicylates

List of Makeup Products -- No Salicylates

List of Masks and Eye Cream Products -- No Salicylates

List of Medicated Creams -- No Salicylates

List of Moisturizers -- No Salicylates

List of Skin Care Products -- No Salicylates

List of Soap, Oils & Shaving Products -- No Salicylates

List of Topical Analgesics and Wipes -- No Salicylates

Poster - English

Poster - Spanish

Download Awareness Information (English)

Download Awareness Information (Spanish)

Download Because You Need to Know Quick Flyer - (English)

There is an Android App for all of the above lists

Chickenpox and Chicken Pox Parties Information

Aspirin / Salicylate Toxicity

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title 29, Chapter 16, Sec. 701 United States Code

Funding for Individuals with Disabilities Act, Title 20, Chapter 33, Sec. 1400

Equal Opportunities for Individuals With Disabilities Act, Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Title 42, Chapter 126, Sec. 12101-12213

Americans with Disabilities Act Information Line, Phone 1-800-514-0301 or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY) Internet: -- Provides information to businesses, states and local government officials, persons with disabilities, and others on Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Heath Resource Center, Phone: 1-800-544-3284 or 1-800-544-3284 (TTY) Provides information for people with disabilities who are seeking education or training after high school.

Job Accommodations Network, Phone: 1-800-526-7234, 1-800-ADA-WORK, 1-800-DIALJAN, 1-800-526-7234 (TTY) E-mail: or Internet: Provides information on accommodations for people with disabilities in work settings. Assists with information about equipment purchasing, policy modification, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

211Network: dial 211 on your phone from where ever you are and your local 211 will answer. This is a comprehensive list of services available for just about any situation.




Need to know everything about aspirin - check out our Android App: Aspirin Sense and Sensitivity in the Google Play Store.

A $2.99 donation gets you detailed information about diseases that interact with aspirin, ingredients to avoid if you are sensitive to aspirin and aspirin products, and lists of products that are aspirin free - and it automatically updates as we make changes and add new products.

Aspirin Sense and Sensitivity Android App

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Android Apps & eBooks The NRSF Blog School and Health Department Packages - Free! Talking to Tweens and Teens About Aspirin and Other Medications Join the Effort to Eradicate Reye's
We've created an App for the Android phone and tablets all about Aspirin, from lists of products containing and not containing aspirin, to drug interactions with aspirin, to diseases that aspirin negatively impacts...Learn More Our Blog is a great way to learn even more about aspirin and children, and get tips and hints about a range of things all centered around Reye's Syndrome and aspirin...Learn More The Foundation makes a special Reye's Syndrome Information package available to Schools, Health Departments, Human Resource Divisions, and to anyone who would like Reye's Syndrome information...Learn More Helping themselves, and sharing meds is a serious issue with Tweens and Teens. They do not realize the dangers involved, and often think OTC drugs are harmless. Talk to them about drugs, and Reye's... Learn More Through Awareness and Education, we can drastically lower the number of Reye's Syndrome cases. To do this, we need your help...Learn More


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